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As a manufacturer specializing in Retail and Display rack solutions, Prime Interior offers display racks, like gondola shelving, Slatwall panels, grid wall panels, dump bins, end caps, and countertop displays. Also, we provide customization options to tailor racks to specific client needs, including dimensions, materials, colors, and branding elements.

In the manufacturing process of display racks, We use high-quality materials that are durable and sturdy, capable of supporting various types of merchandise. Also, we conduct thorough testing and quality assurance processes to guarantee longevity and reliability under retail conditions.

Retail display racks are essential for effectively showcasing products in stores, enhancing visibility, and maximizing sales potential. Here are some solutions and considerations:


Gondola Shelving: Retail businesses use Gondola racks to exhibit a variety of products. These can be movable and adjusted to meet various store layouts.

Gridwall and Slatwall Panels: These racks allow for flexible arrangements of shelves, hooks, and bins to accommodate different merchandise.

Countertop Displays: These small racks are placed near checkout areas to encourage last-minute purchases.

End Caps: These racks are placed at the end of the aisles to attract attention and promote featured items.

Dump Bins: It is ideal for clearance items, promotional products, or bulk items.


Visibility: It ensures products are easily visible and accessible to customers.

Accessibility: These racks optimize space to make it easy for customers to browse and reach items.

Brand Consistency: Display racks reflect the brand’s image and messaging.

Flexibility: These racks can adjust or rearrange displays based on seasonal changes or promotions.

Durability: These racks are sturdy and durable enough to hold merchandise securely.

We regularly inspect and maintain display racks to ensure they remain in good condition and update displays regularly to keep them fresh and appealing to customers. By implementing effective retail display rack solutions, businesses can enhance the shopping experience and strengthen brand presence in retail stores.

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