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Metal fabricated products supplier in Sonipat, Haryana.

Metal fabricated products supplier in Sonipat, Haryana.

At Prime Interior, we offer Metal fabricated products, which involve techniques like welding, machining, metal bending, and assembling. We use superior quality raw materials like steel, aluminum, or brass. Industry such as Construction and Architecture, Artistic and Decorative Items, Automotive Parts, and Metal Furniture rely on our services.

Metal fabricated products refer to items created through the process of metal fabrication. It involves cutting, shaping, and assembling metal materials into a final product. These products range from simple metal brackets and frames to complex machinery and structures.

Examples of metal-fabricated products include:

  1. Structural Components:
    • Structural components include beams, columns, trusses, and frames used in construction and infrastructure.
  2. Sheet Metal Products:
    • Sheet metal products include enclosures, cabinets, panels, and ducting for the HVAC, electronics, and automotive industries.
  3. Machined Parts:
    • Precision components, like gears, shafts, valves, and fittings, are manufactured using machining methods.
  4. Forged Products:
    • Forging produces Strong items like automotive parts, hand tools, and aerospace components.
  5. Metal Furniture and Fixtures:
    • Metal furniture and fixtures include tables, chairs, storage units, and lighting fixtures suitable for home, commercial, and industrial applications.
  6. Decorative and Architectural Metalwork:
    • Ornamental metal pieces, sculptures, gates, railings, and signage operate in buildings, parks, and public spaces.
  7. Automotive and Aerospace Components:
    • Engine parts, airframes, landing gear, and other specialized components are crucial to transportation and aerospace industries.
  8. Electrical and Electronic Components:
    • Connectors, heat sinks, and enclosures serve electrical systems, telecommunications, and consumer electronics.

These categories illustrate the diversity of metal-fabricated products, each tailored to specific applications and industries. We have the versatility in modern metalworking manufacturing.


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If you’re looking for a Metal fabricated products supplier, Prime Interior specializes in custom metal fabrication. We offer services to meet the needs of different industries. Contact us today to learn more about our services and learn how we help with your project.

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