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Prime Interior holds expertise in Display and industrial products.

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At “Prime Interior,” we operate as a Proprietorship Firm specializing in the production of diverse products tailored for both “Retail & Display” Applications and “Industrial Applications.” In the realm of Retail, our expertise lies in crafting Supermarket Display Racks, Garment Display Racks, Shoes and Accessories Display Racks, Pharmacy Racks, and Customized Display Racks catering to a spectrum of trades such as Tyre display racks, shoe display racks, Customized racks, and Mattress display racks.

Furthermore, our proficient team excels in the design, development, and manufacturing of Sheet Metal Non-Fabricated Sheet Metal Parts and Fabricated Sheet Metal Parts, serving an array of industries. From Machinery Manufacturing to Medical Equipment Manufacturing, Food Processing, Furniture, Interior and Exterior Products Manufacturing, and beyond, we deliver top-tier sheet metal products and retail displays from our base in Haryana, India. Renowned for the unparalleled quality we embed in our offerings, we’ve earned acclaim across various sectors.

Top Fabrication Metal Products Manufacturer Company in Haryana

Numerous challenges arise while operating within the retail sector, particularly in effectively showcasing products to enhance the customer shopping experience. Therefore, having an experienced team is crucial for optimizing opportunities within the in-store environment.

We consistently stay abreast of current market trends and ongoing developments across various industries. Our commitment lies in ensuring that our products boast superior quality and stunning designs, elevating the in-store shopping journey for your customers.

Moreover, we provide tailored rack solutions to meet industry-specific needs. Our offerings encompass a diverse array, including Tyre Display Racks, Rugs Display Racks, Gift Display Racks, Mobile Phone and Accessories Display Racks, LED TV Display Racks, AC Display Racks, and more.

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Explore our comprehensive range of high-quality industrial products and precision industrial fabrication services. At Prime Interior, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of industrial solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether you’re in search of cutting-edge machinery, durable components, or specialized tools, our extensive catalog ensures you find the right products to optimize your operations. Our expert industrial fabrication team combines innovation with precision, delivering bespoke solutions tailored to your specifications. Trust us for top-notch quality, reliability, and efficiency in every aspect of industrial manufacturing. Elevate your industrial processes with our unmatched expertise and a commitment to excellence, making us your trusted partner in industrial success.

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Top Fabrication Metal Products Manufacturer Company in Haryana
Top Fabrication Metal Products Manufacturer Company in Haryana

During and after the pandemic of COVID, when there was uncertainty everywhere in Domestic and International Markets, professions, and businesses, we withstood with our patience. We develop a wide variety of home décor products and furniture’s under our well known and registered brand Litmus- for colourful homes.

We are offering Bed, Bunk Bed, Sofa Set, Chairs, Tables, Wall Art, Metal Wall Clocks, Ottomans, Puffy, Office Products, Mobile Stands, Metal Table Clocks, Desk Managers, Washroom Space Managers, Handloom products through our online portal, i.e.,

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Top Fabrication Metal Products Manufacturer Company in Haryana

Prime Interior?

We are the industry experts; we are highly trusted and upgraded with latest technology. We have an experiences team of employees who are keen in planning. Experts in designing, and sharp minded in different process to manufacture a product. We are delivering quality of products in display racks, sheet metal products, cabinets, furniture’s, pet products and medical supply. We as team continuously accepting and adapting new technology and keep ourselves and process updated and upgraded. Use of new technology and experience makes as leading manufacturers in Haryana India. We are serving to clients across the country to make their business process smoother.

Top Fabrication Metal Products Manufacturer Company in Haryana


We are just not the product dealers but the service providers as well. In modern manufacturing time, we have adapted latest technology of CNC sheet metal bending press break machine, CNC router machine for wooden procession, power press for mass production, CNC laser cutting machine. We offer all kind of services and job work to different clients in Kundli, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and all other major cities in India. We are Best Laser Cutting job work Service Provider, we are leading sheet metal bending job work service provider, Sheet metal Fabrication Service provider.

Top Fabrication Metal Products Manufacturer Company in Haryana


We have clients Pan Indian and even Abroad client and We strive to understand the requirements of our clients and provide them time efficient and cost-effective products and services in PAN India including Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Up, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and all major Cities of India, under one roof. We also serving our abroad clients directly and indirectly. We are manufacturing products for some of our United States clients and European clients.

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Best price for laser cutting <br> and metal fabrication

Sapna Singh

Dealing was excellent ✅ Work done on time✅ Reasonable price ✅

Dharmbir Singh 

Everything is related to sheet metal works like bending, laser cutting, printing, etc.

Sachin Kumar

Great place ... a great experience with a Prime Interior. Delivery on time the excellent quality of products.

Muskan Soni 

Product quality as per expectation ..nice experience dealing with Prime Interior

Rahul Tyagi 

Great place to fabrication, customised fabrication, laser cutting any metal and also bending on time delivery with required quality standard

Ravi Anand 

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